Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Don’t just meet the legal requirements

Exceed them and create a truly safe and inclusive workplace.

A Safe Workplace Starts With You

In today’s dynamic work environment, preventing sexual harassment is not just a legal requirement; it is a moral imperative. As an HR professional, your role in ensuring compliance and safeguarding employee well-being is pivotal. Our comprehensive training aims to equip HR practitioners with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively prevent sexual harassment, handle complaints, conduct investigations, foster a supportive culture, and ensure compliance with legal obligations.

What We Cover

Our Comprehensive Training Program

Our program covers a wide range of essential topics to empower HR professionals in creating a safe workplace environment. Through our comprehensive training program, you will gain expertise in the following areas:

Create Grievance Procedure

Ensuring swift and fair resolution of sexual harassment complaints.

Investigate Complaints

Ensuring thorough and impartial examination of allegations.

Enhance Empathy Skills

Cultivating listening, understanding, and support to create a safe workplace.

Bystander Prevention

Equipping individuals to take a stand against sexual harassment.

What You Get

Turn Awareness Into Impactful Actions

By implementing the knowledge and strategies gained, you will become a catalyst for change within your organization.

Awareness Poster

Inspire a workplace free from harassment through engaging and informative promotional materials.

Internal Policy

Crafting an inclusive and comprehensive internal policy to prevent and address sexual harassment

Guideline & Templates

Ensuring thorough and standardized documentation of sexual harassment investigations.

Empowering HR and Engaging Your Workforce

Dual Training Programs

HR’s Blueprint to Sexual Harassment Prevention

This program is specifically designed for HR personnel who play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance, creating effective policies, handling complaints, and conducting investigations. Our Blueprint program equips your HR team with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to prevent sexual harassment, foster a supportive work culture, and adhere to legal requirements. Through comprehensive sessions covering policy-making, investigation techniques, empathetic responding, and more, your HR professionals will become empowered to lead the charge against harassment within your organization.

Workplace Awareness Workshop

Once your HR team has completed the Blueprint program, it’s time to extend the knowledge and create a culture of awareness and prevention throughout your organization. Our Workplace Awareness Workshop is designed for employees at all levels. This engaging workshop raises awareness, provides practical guidance, and empowers your entire workforce to recognize, prevent, and address sexual harassment in the workplace. By fostering a shared understanding and commitment, this workshop strengthens your organization’s overall approach to creating a safe and respectful work environment.

HRD Corp Claimable

Our training programs, delivered by a registered training provider under HRD Corp Malaysia, offer two types of training for you to choose from.

Public Program

Elevate your HR team’s expertise with our claimable public training, designed for employers seeking to develop less than 9 employees.

In-House Program

Streamline your HR team’s growth with our exclusive in-house program, tailored for employers with less than 35 employees per class.

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